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Skill Studies Organization (SSO) is an Tax Institute.Basic aim of Institute is to provide Practical knowledge of Taxation, Accountancy, Management, Corporate, Audit, Risk Management, Economics and ERP system. All Colleges & universities do not provide practical knowledge to the students.90 % of classes based on theories in Colleges & universities. In the result after qualifying from college/university, a student does not know about the market trends, workings & compliances. In this result a fresh commerce graduate restricted up to 15,000 & fresh master restricted up to 25- 30,000 by markets in Pakistan.

Here is Question, why a Lums or IBA Graduate / Master    Student starting Package is 50,000 Plus? The simple answer is that these universities provide practical education to students.

Chartered Accountants draw high salaries … why? Because they do articles in chartered accountant firm up to 4 years.

Practical training is only the key of success in Pakistan. Believe or not, Simple B.a graduates are drawing more than 100,000 Per Month on the basis of their skill & grip in the work. It is inferred from the above discussion that salary / income is the game of skill. The more one have skill in the work, the more one can generate the income. Here it is not meant to say that degree has no value. Certainly, Degree has value, but it cannot help one to groom or excel in the industry.

 SSO focus on the Skill, Trainings, Practicality and Computer ERP systems.SSO hire professionals, skill full & qualified trainers from industry and use them for training of fresh Commerce & Business Students. In this way fresh students learn practicality and professionalism of market industry and start their job as a professional instead of fresh. Time to time SSO organized workshops, programs & Seminars on Taxation issues, E filing of returns, practical Accountancy, bookkeeping, international accounting standards & ERP systems.

 Currently SSO Design a course in Taxation. Name of Course is “Certificate in Manager Taxation” it is available Online + offline. It is highly professional course. It split over 6 Months. 3 months of course and 3 months of practical training. There are 3 stages of the course module. First stage is “knowledge” second one is “skill” and final stage is “Application of Skill”

In the first stage student can learn about knowledge of the taxation. In second stage student will get skill over the knowledge. And lastly skill will be examined in day to day matters.