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Question 1:  is it just an online course or it also offered in off line?

Ans:  Course is available in Mixture of offline and online mode of study.

Mode of Learning & Practice?

Resources , Lessons, Videos , Practice and Tests are available on  Learning Management System web portal

After admission, student will be enrolled in this web portal. Training will be automatic. Training material, practice activities will be appeared day by day. Training is designed week wise. Each week has its own learning objectives.

Tutor is also available on this training portal. Student can interact with tutor on this training portal. For Practical issues a 3 months practical online training has been developed that will be started after completion of course free of cost. After completion of course tutor obliges the student throughout life with online help service.

Tutor provide full support in future tax cases of students.

Student will also be obliged with latest laws, commentaries, and ready made tax accounts with our shared Google drive facility.

Question 2:  what is duration of course?

Ans:  03 months course + 03 months Practice, however certificate will be awarded after 03 months and next 03 months of practice  are optional of students.

Question 3:  who person design this program?

Ans:  this course has been designed under supervision of more than 30 Chartered Accountants & Retired Income Tax / Sales Tax Commissioners.

Question 4:  I am from poor family & I cannot afford 35,000 fee. There is any policy for Postpaid or discounted fee?

Ans:   Currently there is no any policy for postpaid / discount of fee.

Question 5: there is any hidden cost of program?

Ans: No. There are nothing hidden costs regarding the program. Only 35,000 being charged in Total.

Question 6: There is need to visit office for admission?

Ans: No. there is no need of visit the office for admission. System is thoroughly consisting of online.(in Lahore Residential students case you should visit admission office) – Due to Covid-19 we are operating from home.

Question 7: after completion of course if I will be interested in Paid Assignments than what is the procedure?

Ans: As we had contact with Some Chartered Accountant Firms & Law Firms regarding the Paid assignments. Paid Assignments being available from these chartered accountant firms & some law firms to our certificate holder students. 

( Paid assignments are Seasonal Based work , there is not 100% surety of paid assignment on regular basis )

Question 8: I am a non commerce student, can I eligible?

Ans: Yes, but you need much hard work to join the tax Profession.

Question 9: certificate has any national recognition?

Ans: No. Certificate has no recognition in HEC. HEC recognize only Degree and not the short time certificates.

Question 10: After Completion of Course , how can i collect certificate from office?

Ans: Due to Covid – 19 , Certificates will be posted to registered home addresses.

Question 11:  what types of Paid Assignments are available and how can a student work with client firms?

Ans: Student will have to open a bank account to receive the receipts. Following categories of paid assignments normally provided to students.

Rule 44(4) Reconciliations (ii) Section 161 Tax Bookkeeping (iii)   sec 165 Monthly statements  (iv) Sales tax Returns filing (v) Tax Management Technical Assignments (vi)   Financial statement pre audit assignments (vii) Financial statement  according to companies ordinance 1984 & income tax ordinance  2001. (viii) Books of account section 174 & Rule 29-33 Assignments (ix) Banks audit trail (x) PTR & Non PTR income Taxes regarding apportionment Section 67 Assignments

Students will use excel & Quickbooks for above mentioned assignments. Source documents will be provided to student in scan form. Moreover no need to visit the any chartered firm or law firm as work will be thoroughly done online.

Question 12:  I have some more questions, but I do not find these questions in this page.

Ans: you can email at or contact any time 92 42 375 00 490 / 0310 53 30 138 for any question.

Question 13:  what is scope of this certification?

Ans:  if you are a then you can get income tax practitioner ( ITP) license from FBR for open practice of Tax Matters,its meant that you are authorized Tax Practitioner from Govt of Pakistan ( ITP), and you can write name of ITP after you name.

you can join a job in Ltd and Pvt Companies as a Manager Tax, can also run you own tax consultancy can get membership of any tax bar in pakistan after meeting some particular criteria.